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Premier dog training services in Corona, CA. Get the kind of training that does more for your pet and your family. Scroll down to see the training packages and services.


Well Mannered Bullies offers special grooming options for dogs while they are under training.

Potty Training

A core of the Well Mannered Bullies training program, ensuring that all dogs receive the attention they need.

Leash Training

Not just for going on walks, Well Mannered Bullies leash training can be applied to any out in public scenario.

Energy Training

The specialty of the trainers at Well Mannered Bullies, allowing for dogs to sense and react in any situation.

Training Packages

1 Year / 6-months Programs

For customers who need long-term care and attention. Our most comprehensive and inclusive package is designed to provide customers and their dogs with only peace of mind.

***Training time is split between the trainer’s home and the dog’s home, please contact us for more details***

1-Year – $8,450

6-Months – $4,825

3-Months – $3,400

Full On-Site Training

The training package includes all the above services, and the dog stays with the trainer on-site for four weeks of the training and two weeks at their home. Home visits include two 2-hour visits.

***Purchase five weeks at once and get the 6th week free***


Half On-Site Package

This package includes all services and is based on the dog’s progress. The dog will stay for three weeks with the trainer and two weeks at home. Home visits include two 2-hour visits.

***Purchase five weeks at once and get the 6th week free***



The most affordable training package includes all standard training services. The dog will stay for two weeks with the trainer on-site and two weeks at their home. Home visits include two 2-hour visits per week for all at-home weeks.


Additional services are available for extra fees. Ask for more details on services and prices in person.

Every Training Package Includes

  • Leash training
  • Socializing with other dogs
  • Potty training
  • Inside and outside boundaries
  • Chewing training
  • No jumping on you or your guests
  • No biting or nipping
  • No jumping on furniture

Training Details

For dogs that are staying on-site for training they must bring the following:

  • Food
  • Leash
  • Shampoo
  • Proof of updated shot records

The dog’s owner will come over twice a week to get hands-on training. For example, if the dog stays for three weeks on-site, the owners will come for six hours total. All owners need to understand that just like anything of value, the more you put in, the greater the return. Share our commitment to your pet and watch them transform in no time!

Senior Citizens (+55) & Law Enforcement receive 15% off any package contact us for more details.

Additional Services

Dog Walking

Dog walking is included in all the training services. But for those who are looking for professional dog walking services, which will include specialized walking and leash training the prices are below.

1-Hour: $75
2- Hour: $125


Well Mannered Bullies puts the customer experience first. That’s why, for a small fee, we can transport your dog to and from training. Charges are based on the distance from the trainer’s home.

$1.50 per mile


We can help any customer with a troublesome canine. Contact us for either an in-home or an on-site consultation. If the trainer must travel more than 10 miles additional charges will apply.

In-Home: $100
On-Site: $60

Play Dates & Grooming

In all the training packages, dogs are taught how to socialize and react to the energies of both dogs and humans. We also offer grooming for all dogs along with play dates at an additional cost. Perfect for those dogs who need some fun and interaction with other dogs, the prices are below.

$40 up to 12-hours

$55 grooming

$65 play date & grooming


Well Mannered Bullies offers convenient, clean & safe boarding. Contact us for details and to schedule your time.

Weekly: $325

About Well Mannered Bullies

Well Mannered Bullies is owned and operated by Mike Williams, a professional dog trainer with decades of experience. While Mike is highly skilled he is not a doctor or veterinary professional, so there are no medical treatments administered by him. He uses cruelty-free products and techniques to train the dogs, no physical abuse EVER. Mike believes that a real trainer doesn’t need devices like shock or E-collars to create structure, however, they are available by customer request only. Mike puts the customer first and will work to ensure your satisfaction and your dog’s happiness. He will always put the dog before the money!

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